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2019 Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week Berlin Station

2019.06.05 Berlin Germany


The 2019 Foshan visit to Germany and a series of economic and trade exchange activities were held in Hannover, Germany on April 1 and Mainz, Germany on April 2. The two days of continuous transfer to different places and venues, a total of 5 series of follow-up interviews Reporting work.

2019 Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week Berlin Station

A senior professional media management consultant from Germany Kelan Co., Ltd. was sent from China to Germany to jointly execute the project with the local team, and was responsible for the Chinese and foreign media interview and publication center .

  • Before the event

    Provide media strategy plan, draft interview guests and outline.
    Communication and invitation of central media in Europe (including the UK and Germany).
    Reporter management, transportation and accommodation schedule at the event site.

  • During the event

    Management of reporters at the event site.
    On-site interview control, manuscript writing, news photo shooting, video interview shooting and editing, time-sensitive report release follow-up audit, etc. a lot of work in a short time.

  • After the event

    All-round media communication professional services such as media release and finishing and report summary.



Media PR Results

  • Invite mainstream media to report live

    This event invited a total of 2 (Phoenix TV, Global Times / Global Network) reporters from London, England, and Berlin, Germany, authoritative central media in Europe to participate in the interview.

  • Print media and new media promotion reports

    Multi-angle thematic and dynamic reports on multiple different themed content of the day covered TV, newspapers, Internet and mobile client media (Phoenix, People's Daily, Guangming, International Online, China.com, China.com, Toutiao Information, Tengxin News, Netease News, Sohu News, Sina News, Phoenix News, etc.), the total number of manuscripts including the reprint of more than 15 central media manuscripts more than.

Global Times had a Half-page graphic in-depth report
Global Times Network had Graphic reports with more than 2000 words.
Guangming, Renmin.com, CRI Online
and number of central media websites have published comprehensive reports of each event with more than 2000 words and pictures.
Toutiao.com, Yidian.com,Netease.com
Sohu.com, iFeng.com
and other 10 mobile apps
News client reprinted and released.
The manuscripts disseminated in this event also pay special attention to news pictures and videos on the "Taicang and Germany-China R & D and Innovation Alliance", "the Quartet to build a Sino-German innovation cooperation city" and "Taicang Day Berlin". Enhance and strengthen the influence of the host organization and Taicang.